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Using Logic to hide or show questions
Using Logic to hide or show questions
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You can use logic to hide or show specific questions based on a previous question's response. Logic allows you to dig further into your customers response, right then and there while they are taking your survey, to give you critical insight and more detail.

An example of response clarification: When running a How did you hear about us survey you may have choices that would be valuable to have additional information on. If a respondent answers TikTok, you would want to know what TikTok account the referral came from. Is it your brand's TikTok, an influencer you have commissioned, another of your customers doing a TikTok review? To gain this information, add a follow up question Who was it on TikTok?.

By default the survey when you first login to LoudHippo is a full attribution survey with follow up questions.

To create a follow up for response clarification:

1. In your survey editor, click Add question and add the follow up question

2. Click on the follow up question you want to hide or show based on another answer

3. Go to Logic on the right tool bar
4. Click on the wand next to the Visible if box

5. Click Select and choose the question your next question is to follow up

6. From the dropdown, select the choice for which you want the follow up to be triggered by, and click Apply

In this example, the Logic will show in the toolbox as {hdyhau1} = 'Tiktok'

Repeat for any other choice you want to add a follow up to (For example: Influencer > What influencer?) and click Save changes

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