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Managing choices for multiple choice, checkboxes and dropdown
Managing choices for multiple choice, checkboxes and dropdown
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Some survey questions have predefined response choices which you must set. For question types Multiple choice, Checkboxes and Dropdown when you create the question you will need to define your choices.

Navigate to your Survey editor
Select the question you want add choices to

You can add choices from the question box by clicking the green plus icon

To delete a choice, click the red - icon

And to reorder choices, use the Move icon to drag the choice into it's new position

You can also make these edits from the tool bar on the right, under Choices

We recommend ticking the Allow the Other option checkbox. This will add a choice Other (describe) to your survey choices. If the customer clicks Other they will then be asked to leave more detail in the textbox. This gives you critical insight you may not predict.

Click Save changes

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