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Zapier integration
Zapier integration

Connect your attribution survey data to 5,000+ apps using Zapier

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If your survey contains an attribution question ("How did you hear about us?"), with the Name identifier containing the text hdyhau, the responses to this question can be sent to Zapier.

You can connect this attribution data to 5,000+ apps via a LoudHippo Zapier trigger:

To install, navigate to Integrations in LoudHippo and click install:

Follow the instructions in the popup, copying your API key and clicking on the LoudHippo zap link:

Launch Zapier and connect Zap. Then configure your trigger:

Connect your LoudHippo account, using the copied LoudHippo API key:

Click Yes, Continue and then Save.

Next, test your trigger..

You will see a list of fields that can be passed through to an action (e.g. a row on a Google sheet):

Click Continue and complete the action configuration step:

Finally, click Publish:

Once your zap is published, you will see that the Zapier integration is successfully installed in LoudHippo (after refreshing the page).

Please note, only responses to the question with a Name identifier containing the text hdyhau will be sent to Zapier.

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