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Klaviyo integration
Klaviyo integration

Sync your post-purchase survey response data to customer profiles in Klaviyo.

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How to enable Klaviyo integration

  1. To enable, navigate to Integrations and click Install on the Klaviyo integration

2. Paste in your Klaviyo API private key. To create one, in Klaviyo, navigate to API Keys under profile settings.

3. Generate a new API key with full access to profiles:


4. Copy generated key and paste into LoudHippo and click Save

You can see the status of your Klaviyo integration on your Integrations page.

Metrics and events passed into Klaviyo

Survey responses will now be synced to the matching customer profile (based on the customer's email address on the order). If they customer does not exist in Klaviyo, they will be added.

Survey response data will be added as both a custom event and a set of custom properties on a customer profile activity feed. A unique custom property will be created for each question answered.

  • Order number: string

  • Order source: string

  • Survey response status: string

  • A property for each question and answer

This data can be used to create custom flows or segments in Klaviyo to supercharge your email marketing with better targeting and personalization.

Send email to customers who haven't completed the survey

If you have your eCommerce platform connected to Klaviyo, you can use Klaviyo to send a follow-up email to customers who haven't completed the survey. Simply, add a flow trigger targeting users that have placed an order, but don't have an associated LoudHippo Survey response event or custom property set. We encourage a delay of at least 1 day to ensure any survey results data has been received.

In your email content, add a call to action link back to your order confirmation page (which contains the survey) using {{ event.extra.order_status_url }}:

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