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Google Tag Manager integration
Google Tag Manager integration

Google Tag Manager allows you to pass attribution and post-purchase survey data through the GTM data layer.

Written by Brady Thomas
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To enable the Google Tag Manager integration, navigation to Integrations and click install:

As long as you have the Google Tag Manager script successfully installed on your eCommerce order status page, events for every question view will be successfully passed to GTM following this structure:

event: "LoudHippo Question View",
question: "How did your hear about us?",
questionId: "hdyhau"

When a question is answered, an event with this structure is sent to GTM:

event: "LoudHippo Question Response",
question: "hdyhau",
answer: "Facebook"

Note that questionId maps to the "Name" field of the question in the survey builder:

You'll need to create custom variables in GTM to utilize these events. Here's a quick video on how to do so:

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