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WooCommerce Integration (Beta)
WooCommerce Integration (Beta)

Add a post-purchase survey after a successful checkout on your WooCommerce site. Installation instructions for WooCommerce.

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You'll need to have a LoudHippo account before you connect WooCommerce. If you don't have one you can sign up here.

Step 1: Connect WooCommerce and LoudHippo

1. Once you've created a LoudHippo account, you'll be taken to connect your online store. Click Connect on the WooCommerce integration.

2. Enter your WooCommerce domain (store url)

3. Click Approve

Step 2: Install the LoudHippo plugin on WooCommerce

1. Download the LoudHippo for WooCommerce extension and install it on your WooCommerce site.

2. In your WooCommerce admin, navigate to Plugins > Add New

3. Click the Upload button at the top right

4. Drop in the .zip file you downloaded in the previous step LoudHippo for WooCommerce extension

5. Click the Manage plugin button

Step 3: Settings setup

  1. Still in WooCommerce, from Manage plugin, click Settings

2. Open your LoudHippo tab and copy your LoudHippo API Key from Step 3

3. Back in your WooCommerce tab, paste the key into Integration API Key text field

Note the only position that is currently working is "In between general details and order details".

4. click Save changes

LoudHippo is now connected! You can return back to your LoudHippo admin to design and enable your post-purchase survey.

Taking your survey for a test run on WooCommerce

After you've set everything up and published your survey, you can test it by placing a test order on your WooCommerce site. The survey will be display on your order confirmation page.

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